Guesthouse YULULU is a Local & Small guesthouse.
We renovated a 100-year-old townhouse by ourselves.
Travelers who happened to be present at that moment are enjoying the once-in-a-lifetime exchange.
The guests sleep on Tatami and Futon, and stay with slow & relaxing & quiet night & good kitchen.
Travelers from all over the world gathers in the guesthouse and talks and slowly rests his body.

It takes 5 minutes on foot from Karasuma Oike Subway Station.

Walking to Kyoto Imperial Palace,Nijo Castle,Shijyo,Kamogawa River,Nishiki Food market,Gion,Pontochou,Shinkyougoku.
There is big bus stop near the Kyoto City Hall, you can directly go anywhere by bus.
There are public baths nearby.
We can provide some amenities to enjoy the public bath.


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