Exchange Accomodation

We are looking for helpers to clean up instead of providing a place to live here.
We will use a helper women's dormitory (capacity 2 people), so we are recruiting only for women.
If you want to live in Kyoto, please apply!

Recruitment period From July, 2021
Working hours 5 hours from 9:00 to 14:00
Work schedule 3 or 4 days per a week
The content of the working The content of the working is mainly cleaning.
Treatment The staff room is a bunk bed for female only
There are kitchen, wash machine, shower room.
Rice, seasonings, coffee, tea are free
Terms Working holiday visa is required.
Those who can do it for more than a month.
Certificate of Vaccination for COVID-19
Inquiry method Please send email with photo and simple self-introduction, the period and date that can be started, in English or Japanese, thank you!