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Introduction of interesting taverns and music in Kyoto

We recommend some restaurants and bars, when you come to KYOTO.

Buisness Hours 17:00~24:00(some day19:00~) closed on Tuesday


Afro Rock Bar "VIVA LA MUSICA"
It is a wonderful time to eat nice food with lovely music of Latin America.
They frequently hold DJ events and acoustic live.
Many Musicians of Kyoto is often coming, while listening to good music, you can communicate with other guests.


UrBANGUILD   (map)
Buisness Hours 19:00~23:00(Depends on the event)


This is the Live House and multilateral art space, along KIYAMACHI street in KYOTO.
Many performers doing avant-garde music gather in the house.
You can listen to various kinds of music, so it's always fun to go.
The food is delicious, so you can enjoy it even on days without events.



Domingo is the music Band that Hana who is the staff of YULULU belong.
Katsuno Takashi and 4 Afro Brazilian percussionists beat up, the festive and groovy sound is fusion of street beat and minimalism, conversion of Afro Samba to progressive, approching for Candomblé, and goes from the primitive to the future.
1st Aug 2018 2nd Digital Album『DISCO COSMOS』Releace

Rakugo in Nishiki-Yu(Bath house)   (map)
Starting from 8 PM on Monday (The bath is day off.) ※The bath is opened other days than Monday.


Nishiki-Yu is the public Bath House near Nishiki Marcket known as the "Kitchen of Kyoto".
Many local people from youth to elderly, and many tourists visit here.
It is closed on Monday,
As you go through Noren(a shop curtain) of men's bath、many cushions are spread over the dressing room、on the front is an instant stage made with Chabu-dai.
There is "Neo Rakugo Frontier" presided by Taiyu Tsukitei who is Rakugo proffessional.
The fee is tipping.
Let's wash away the tiredness and stress of the day with "laugh".
※This is only Japanese Language.

Teisyokuya soto   (map)
Buisness Hours 11:30~15:00, 18:00~24:00

Teisyokuya soto

"Teisyoku" is Japanese set menu with rice and miso soup,pickles.
You can choose from white rice and sixteen grain rice.
"soto" is in the basement, and so cozy.
The price is 650 - 900 JPY.

Teisyokuya soto

TOGEYA   (map)
Buisness Hours 11:00~20:00


Even if you know the plant called cactus, it is hard to ordinaly see in Japan."TOGEYA" is the small cactus shop in Kyoto who sells its cactus growen up autogamous cultivation and management!
"TOGEYA" is near Demachiyanagi Station, there are many cactuses in the small house, just watching it will carve an unusual time axis。